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Gain control and make your
logistics flow efficient with Primelog

Lower logistics costs and higher data quality
See business-critical information

You lose money every day if you are not in control of your logistics

Primelog provides the tools you need to take control of your transportation costs, control that is achieved by automatically matching invoices against the estimated price and by verifying exceptions.

Primelog will not only give you control – it will also create
completely new opportunities for cost control and visibility

Primelog provides powerful features and process support that monitors, analyzes, integrates and controls your supply chain, regardless of its complexity or global reach. Primelog takes a comprehensive view and gives you increased control, visibility and flexibility.

There are four steps of control.
Which step are you at today?

Control > information availability and capital efficiency


Lack of Control

You are vaguely in control of your logistics. You are aware of the levels of transportation and warehousing costs, but you do not have easy access to the detailed information needed to analyze and improve the flow.


Reactive Control

It is relatively simple to move from a lack of control to reactive control. This primarily involves taking control of two flows: the physical flow and the financial flow.


Proactive Control

This step is about moving form reactive to more proactive control, and managing your flows actively. At this step, we manage both the physical and the financial flows.


Business Control

Take logistics to the next level and ensure that the logistics approach you offer your customers is competitive and a decisive factor in the choice of you as their supplier.

Why choose Primelog?

We build for reality

Primelog’s journey started by solving a real problem for a customer. But that was merely the beginning. Over the years, more customers have come to us and we have worked with them to build a solution that is based in reality, made for real people and demanding logistics situations.
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We deal with integration every day

We have conducted hundreds of integrations with heaps of systems. In logistics, visibility means connecting systems and reporting information in a good way so as to give control. This is what Primelog is all about; integration is our forte.
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Happy Logistics People

Our vision is “Happy logistics people”. This means that we are constantly striving to improve and facilitate the supply chain for all parties; for business operators, suppliers and every single Primelog user.
Primelog's mission & visions

A leading supplier

Our logistics skills and our proprietary software are the primary reasons why major global companies such as SKF, Ericsson, Sandvik, Getinge, Lantmännen and Paroc have chosen us as their supplier. We are strong, fast and attentive, and we keep evolving to ensure that we remain at the forefront with our customers.
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Business opportunities

Our extensive experience has made us well acquainted with the return on investment.
The Primelog business case

Freight Spend Management

Logistics with complex flows and many players constitutes a challenge for many companies.
How much could you save?


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